About us

We are a full service Real Estate firm specializing in residential sales and property management.  Our clients receive assistance before, during and after the formal Real Estate transaction.

Our Model 

Well, it is quite simple. We focus solely on customer service and their needs.  All our stakeholders have advanced education, in-depth knowledge of local markets and an extensive amount of experience in the business.  We also have modern and streamlined processes that enable us to effectively and efficiently assist our clients with the latest and greatest information.  


The difference.  We do not have 25 offices throughout the metro Atlanta area and a lot of antiquated processes to create “busy” work for employees at our clients’ expense.  In turn, we can focus all our attention on data and market trends that affect our clients’ needs the most while keeping the cost to clients at a minimum. 

The Promise.  We do not make any intangible guarantees or promises to our clients.  We also do not use confusing jargon, hidden fees or small print to trick or mislead clients into doing business with us.  We provide our clients with factual, relevant and valuable data easy to understand during the decision-making process.  


I immediately started looking for homes in the Atlanta area once I found out my husband had gotten the job.  I was nervous about our uncertain budget but very excited at the same time.  Money was tight because we just had twin boys.  We found this company online and read about the buyer incentive.  I couldn’t believe we would get money back for purchasing our new home, but we did. It was a wonderful experience for sure. We used our $3700 to purchase furniture for the boys’ room. 

-The Jones Family 

They were extremely knowledgeable.  I felt unrushed and well-informed throughout the process. I will never use any other firm again. 

-Jessica D.

This was the fastest and most straightforward process we have ever experienced.  We also got a check back at the closing table for over $2000.  We were not asked about a preapproval letter or signing any documents before we found our dream home.  We also got a check back at the closing table for over $2000. 


This company is the way to go! My friend recommended them to me.  They helped me for more than a year to get qualified.  I only had to put $1500 down because they put $1100 down for me. I never knew buying a home could be so simple and cheap. I will always recommend these people to all my friends.


-Connor Miller

We lost earnest money with another agent’s company.  My husband found this company. We bought house and got some earnest money back we lost before.  

-The Nguyens

I sold my starter home with Mr. Sherrod for half the price everyone else quoted. My new home cost $275k. Mr. Sherrod paid $2475 of my closing cost. It was truly a blessing to me as a single parent. I really do not understand why people use other companies with displays everywhere.  They never helped me to save anything when I purchased my starter home. They did not pay any of my closing cost nor get me a thoughtful housewarming gift. Honestly, I just got to buy the house at full price. Never again!!